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    Thursday, February 4th, 2016
    11:42 am
    Full name: Link Smith
    Inspired By: Link from the Legend of Zelda
    Alias/Nickname: None
    Character Journal: [info]linkdasorcerer
    Age/Date of Birth: 18, 02/21/2000
    Place of Birth: London, England
    Blood:Half Blood
    Year: 1st Year University
    House (Hogwarts) or Fraternity (University): Veritas
    Gender Identity: Male
    Wand: Blue Spruce, Phoenix Tail Feather, Sturdy
    Played By: Austin butler

    Appearance: Link isn't very daunting to look at; he stands at an average height for a human male, at about 5'8", and a weight of about 155 lbs, link is a bit unassuming but don't let it fool you. Athletic, fast, and built; Link is both fit and made for physical prowess. He's generally seen in something green, blonde hair, and likes to wear hats a great deal. He prefers to wear jeans and sneakers as well. Link is a handsome young man, with a sharp jaw and a fully athletic build. He has strong arms, chest, and powerful legs which have been trained to near perfection.

    Link's build lends itself to strength, but it also lends itself to sleek and speedy design. He's quick, nimble, and fast on his feet. He's quick on a broom, and light weight.

    Personality: What’s your character’s personality/mind like? Feel free to include personality quirks. ie: short tempered, likes dry humour, absent minded, etc

  • DADA
  • Swordfighting
  • Auror

  • Ancient Runes
  • Too courageous for his own good.
  • Failing everyone else.

    History: Personal and family history, minimum of around 5 paragraphs please.

    Family Members: Please list off any canon family or characters you are using for your character's family.

    Class Schedule: List off courses you would like your character to be in.

    Couple of Random Facts: Anything we would need or want to know that adds to the depth of your character (allergies, favourite music, hobbies, etc.)

    First Person Journal Entry: Preferably of character applying for, though other examples considered.

    Roleplaying Sample: Preferably of character applying for, though other examples considered.

    Name: Your Name
    Age: You have to be 18+
    E-mail: Preferred
    Do you use a messenger? Aim? Gmail?: AIM required if no e-mail, Optional other wise
    Time Zone: PST? CST? MST? Whatever?
    Who invited you?: Who gets cookies?

    Special Abilities If your character has any special abilities (seer, werewolf, etc.) please explain them here. This is mandatory for any special abilities to be considered game canon as they have to be mod approved.
    Patronus Your character's patronus, please also include how they came about finding it.
    Boggart Your character's deepest fears.
    Mirror of Erised Your character's deepest wishes.
    Amortentia The scents that represent love and attraction to your character.
    Familiars Pets etc.
  • Monday, August 24th, 2015
    11:04 am
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